Mission diary

3 months back

25 May 2012

Hello Everyone,
We have now been back on terra firma 3 months now, and our adventure seems a lifetime ago, and apart from a little reminder here and there (i keep some barnacles from the boat in the glove box of the car) it was almost as if it never happened!
I am still consulting, Graham is still driving (people mad) Aldo is still fighting fires (not figuratively, quite literally) and Ken is still building (lego mostly).
Our apetite for adventure however has not been quenched just yet, so you may have to watch this space.
Again thank you to everyone for their generous donations and amazingly they are still coming in.
If anyone would like any information on our trip please feel to email us.
Thanks lovely people….Jason

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More wedge!

05 March 2012

More wedge!

Speechless! Throughout all the M & S stores in the UK during February we have now raised an additional £97k in addition to the already raised £57k to date. This is an astonishing figure and on behalf of the boys we would like to say a COLOSSAL (Ken) thank you to all staff and customers of Marks and Spencer, give yourselves a whopping pat on the back!
We have now loaded most of the photos on the site and another 12 videos. However if you go to the video section below and click on more videos it will take you to our YOU TUBE page whereby if not already a user you will need to subscribe to YOU TUBE in order to view them ( definately worth a look).
We are beginning to settle back to normality now although my mind does invariably wander off at times especially at traffic lights!
Just remains for me to type up my journal now, once i have deciphered my shorthand scribblings that is.
Back soon.

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Our sponsors

A huge thank you to Marks & Spencer and M&S Energy for all their help from start to finish for without their support this would not have happened.
We would also like to express a huge thank you to the Tulchan Group for their sponsorship and logistical help as well.

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Get involved

The Prostate Cancer Charity logo

We need your help in reaching our target of £75,000 raised for The Prostate Cancer Charity – please consider donating to support our cause. Thank you!

Just to let everyone know that the site will be live for at least the next 6 months as we will continue to add photos and videos as well as updates for the charity totals. Of course if the boys undertake another challenge then news will be posted here although we are reliably informed this will not be another Ocean row….

Our email addresses aldo, graham, ken and jason@prostatemarksmen.com are all still live if you would like to get in touch personally.

Huge thank yous to everyone.

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